clearwater 2008-11Mission

Sharing the Table Manitoba is a grassroots movement advocating for the right of Manitobans to safe, nutritious and interesting local foods – Manitobans feeding Manitobans.


To achieve our mission, Sharing the Table Manitoba works through:

Education: Responding to relevant issues through letters to the editor, social media, videos, and other tools to increase public awareness.

Research: Carrying out research, analysis and writing related to local food, public policy and regulation. The resulting resources will be published on our website.

Representation: Working with government on processes of regulation and policy creation as it relates to agriculture and community-based food systems.

Networking: Providing opportunities for food providers – such as hunters, fishers, farmers and chefs – eaters, activists, community organizers and researchers to connect and learn from one another.


We envision a Manitoba with sustainable and just food systems that nurture rural and urban understanding, and are based on direct relationships and local economies.